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Mountain climbing do's and don'ts

Here are some do's and don'ts when climbing a mountain as raw and as unchartered as Mt. Apo. First of all, it is a given that you must always listen to the advise of people who have climbed the mountain before because you can learn a lot from their experiences. Why learn the hard way, right?
Here are the do’s, when you are holding on to branches or stepping on rocks, make sure that the branch is sturdy enough to take your weight and also make sure that the rock you are stepping on is not loose.
You also want to double check the branches or plants that you hold on to be sure that they don't have thorns or sharp leaves that can cut your hands, it's advisable that you bring gloves that will protect your hands when passing through thorny plants.

Safety first
Some don’ts when climbing. Do not go too far ahead of the guide that is in charge of your group. Do not sacrifice safety even if it's a shorter way but a trickier trail, you are better off not taking the shortcut and go the longer but safer way.
Unless told by your mountaineer guide that it's okay, do not drink from any water source that you see along the trail. Believe me, one of the worst things you could suffer from when in the mountains is a bad stomach. No need to expound on that.

Majority of the first part of the climb up was passing through the thick forest that was quite wet because for the past few days before our climb.. it was raining.
Do not panic if you don't see any trail ahead.. like we said, this trail is very raw and at times you are just passing through thick bushes that are taller than you... make sure you are never left alone and that there is always someone you can see either in front or behind you.
Now..if you do find yourself alone.. stop..and listen for voices and then determine where the voices are coming from...you can also call out loud to get an answer from the other climbers.

Must-have trail food
It was past lunch time so we took our second break. Sometimes it's best not to eat a very heavy lunch since you are climbing up the best things to eat during the middle of the day are light but energy giving trail foods. We recommend that you have them with you as you climb. Let's call these trail foods "mountain must-haves."
I know my partner Marc brought with him chocolate bars, fiber bars, and of course a lot of water. I brought a mixture of grains like oats with raisins and also different kinds of dried fruits. Jackie Dizon's favorite trail food is dried mango which she brought a whole lot of and shared generously with the whole group.
You can never have enough water so if you are thirsty, drink. Do not skimp on hydrating yourself although the weather gets cooler as you get higher, that does not mean that you need less water. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

"Take nothing but pictures"
Of course aside from carrying your trail food, always carry your camera. You never know when you will chance upon a beautiful and rare view, or a pretty place in the middle of nowhere. That's why part of the mountaineers’ motto is, "when climbing a mountain, take nothing but pictures."



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March 15, 2008

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Mt. Apo is a very good adventure spot!

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